Hieronymus Dub Sounds

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Deep strong melodic dubvibes from Copenhagen’s
Hieronymus Dub Sounds.

Known for countless releases on Zamzam Sounds(USA), Rohs Records(Germany), Statik Entertainment(Germany) and many more, this release gives you a full dose of his textured signature sound, and, as always, with plenty of details in the mix.

 This 7″ vinyl is produced & mastered for vinyl by Jakob himself, and is the 1st release on his new Copenhagen-based label “Hieronymus Dub Sounds Records”.

Collectors: check the colours on this edition ranging from glassy transparent to (wasabi)greenish tones. Only 250 pcs made-so get it now before its gone!

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1 single 1 shipping cost: 16 Euro (120 DKK), 2 singles 1 shipping cost: 24 Euro (180 DKK)